Safe Sport Training (London Talons Baseball)

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For insurance purposes, Baseball Ontario requires parents, coaches, volunteers & board members who help out in ANY capacity at games, practices or tournaments to complete the online safe sport training module and to complete a Screening Disclosure Form. As a parent, you are required to volunteer during the weekend of your child’s LT tournament (your coach will give you more information on this if they have not already done so), and there may also be volunteer opportunities with the team throughout your season.

There is no cost for the training and this will only have to be completed once and will carry over for future seasons. 

Your child will not be permitted to play in any games until the Safe Sport Training Module is successfully completed by all parents.

Please follow the links below to complete the Safe Sport Training and the Screening Disclosure Form.

Safe Sporting Training

Please follow the steps below to complete:

Go to and click on “The Locker” tab

  1. Sign into Locker with your email or NCCP # (you can look up NCCP # by email address or create a new one) * Your NCCP number is the same for all sports. *
  2. Click on the e-learning tab, choose “Multi-Sport” and then choose Safe Sport Training
  3. If you have previously completed Safe Sport Traning it will be shown under Completed, skip to step 7.
  4. Click Sport, Choose Baseball
  5. Select all involvement types – Choose Athlete Guardian & Administrative Staff (Coach’s also please select Coach option)
  6. Watch the videos and complete the quiz (Approximately 30 mins)
  7. Continue to Screening Disclosure Form instructions below. This must be done BEFORE YOUR SEASON BEGINS

Screening Disclosure Form

Once you are finished your Safe Sport Training (this season or previously), please continue and fill out the Volunteer Screening Disclosure Form. You will need your NCCP# from above, or if you need to look it up, you can do so at The Locker at and click on your Profile.