Coaching Application 2024 (London Talons Baseball)

Coaching Application 2024

2024 Coaching Application

Declaration of Principles

Before filling out the coaches application, please read, and accept the following Declaration of Principles.

I will…

  • Make every attempt to have my coaches, parents and participants maintain the highest level of integrity on and off the baseball field when involved in ANY London Tecumsehs activity.
  • Maintain the highest standards of personal conduct and always teach and support the principles of fair play, which include:
    • Treat EVERYONE with dignity and respect.
    • Ensure that all players get equal instruction, support and fair playing time.
    • Encourage all to be modest in victory and good sports in defeat.
    • Make the game a fun experience for everyone.
    • Never verbally abuse or harass ANYONE.
  • Offer only constructive feedback, never ridicule or yell at players for making mistakes or for playing poorly. Always be generous with praise and set a good example.
  • Support the “officials” in that they are an important part of the game and their decisions are NOT to be argued with. Verbal abuse or harassment will not be tolerated.
  • Support the objective of making the game a fun experience and encourage everyone to have confidence in themselves.
  • Remember that players have other interests and obligations, so be on time for games and practices, give ample notice for missing them and be reasonable when scheduling them.
  • Make sure that all facilities and equipment are safe and correspond the players’ age and abilities.
  • Be respectful to the other teams and their personnel.

I will ensure that everyone has an enjoyable experience and will continue to be an Ambassador of these principles for the London Tecumsehs Baseball Club.

I acknowledge that I have read and fully understand this declaration and will promote its goodwill. I also understand that if my conduct DOESN’T adhere to these principles, I will be asked to appear in front of the London Tecumsehs Committee to explain my actions and potentially face suspension or termination of my coaching privileges.

Personal Information

Coaching Experience

NCCP Coaching Certification Level

Enter level as described below, for new OBA stream.
See for more information.

ROOKIE (1. Initiation-Online Module, 2. Initiation-Workshop, 3. Teaching  & Learning-Workshop, 4. Infielding-Workshop, 5. Hitting-Workshop) MOSQUITO (Rookie+ 1.Pitching and Catching-Workshop, 2. Skills Analysis-Workshop) PEEWEE (Mosquito+ 1. Baserunning-Workshop, 2. Planning-Workshop, 3. Online Portfolio) BANTAM (PeeWee+ 1. Outfielding-Workshop, 2. Strategies-Workshop, 3. Practice Evaluation) MIDGET-JUNIOR (Bantam+ 1. Game Evaluation)

    I verify that the information submitted within this application is 100% accurate.

    I also understand that an interview will be required, and if accepted, I will need to abide by the Principles of Conduct and Fair Play as outlined previous to this application.